Sunni Vidyabyasa Board Result 2017

Sunni Vidyabyasa Board Result 2017

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Kanthapuram enjoys a multifaceted personality of a scholar, orator, writer, organizer, educationist and fore-fighter of social revivalism. He recognized and proved by his actions that knowledge can be turned to channalize for social empowerment and has a wider perspective.

He brought about a good social status and dignity for the religious scholars with his active interference in the society. He became a member of the Central Mushawara of Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulema in 1974, followed by the office secretary, before becoming the joint secretary of the Samastha. He was a member of the committee, which was appointed to expand the organization in all India level in 1976. He held the designation of the general secretary of Samastha Kerala Sunni Yuvajana Sangham, (S.Y.S.) from 1975 to 1996, and he was the president of the organization during the tenure of 1996- 2004. Presently, Kanthapuram is the Chairman of the Supreme Council of S.Y.S. He also served as the member of Hajj committee of Kerala and Chairman to the Editorial board of the Arabic Text Books of Govt. Schools of Kerala.

He was elected as the General Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulema in 1989. In 1993, when the All India Jam-iyyathul Ulema was set up, Kanthapuram became the General Secretary and in the same year he was endorsed as the Consortium Qasi of Calicut and in 2003 as of the Wayanad district as well. Besides these, Kanthapuram is the treasurer of Samastha Kerala Sunni Education Board and General Secretary of the famous Markazu-ssaquafathi-ssuniyya or The Sunni Markaz.

The debates and dialogues of Kanthapuram is very famous especially against those sects of the Muslims who emerged against the puritan nature of Islam and the teachings of Qur-An. The debates of Kuttichira, Ayiroor, Kuttoor, Pattambi, Pulikkal, Valiyaparambu, Kottappuram…etc with Kanthapuram in lead, was surely a blow to these sectarians.