Govt. Degree College, Agrora-Dharmandal, Tehri (Garhwal)

Govt. Degree College, Agrora-Dharmandal, Tehri (Garhwal)

Narendranagar a Nagar Palika Town of Uttarakhand, lies at 1,326 metres of the Himalayan Shivalik foothills and known not only for its picturesque mountain scenery but also for its proximity to the plains below. On a clear day one can get aerial view of Rishikesh, Haridwar and Ganga flowing from mountains to plains of Haridwar. It has been known to be a seat of spirituality and meditation since ancient times. According to legend, the sage Udhav is known to have performed severe penance at this spot. Also, Purasar, the founder of Astrology, has been known to conduct various experiments on the movements of planets and stars.


Name & Address: Govt. Degree College
Agora (Dharmandal),
Dist. Tehri – 249 131