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The Vidya Council for Education (VCE)

The Vidya Council for Education (VCE) was formed in 2011 in response to huge demand from the managers of the unorganized unaided schools but recognized by the Kerala Government and/ the CBSE. Even though these schools are catering to the educational needs of a vast number of pupils in rural areas and rendering invaluable services by promoting quality education and striving for the creation of a knowledge society and for the educational advancement of the state, they are not enjoying the kind of the academic support and privileges extended to their counterparts operating in Kerala Government, private but government aided, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Navodaya sectors. It against this backdrop, the VCE assumed the role of an educational board. As of date 80 unaided schools are affiliated to it. Of these, 64 are CBSE and 16 are state schools. These Schools are distributed across Kerala with greater concentration in the- educationally and socially backward rural areas in the Malabar region in Kerala. Majority of the students in these schools belong to the educationally and socially backward communities. These rural schools, in spite of their infrastructural and technological backwardness, are producing excellent results in the CBSE and state government examinations. The VCE is also engaged in developing and printing text books, setting up question papers, academic monitoring of affiliated schools, conducting MTS, the talent search examination for the students to identify and nurture the talented ones. Right from the very inception, the VCE is focusing on strengthening the schools quality wise. Toward this end, the VCE is organizing Quality Enhancement Programmes for the teachers, school managers and principals. Thus the VCE, ever since its formation, has been trying to empower the affiliated schools to run in a professional way.

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