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Darul Huda Curriculum and Syllabus (Darul Huda Islamic University Curriculum and Syllabus)


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This twelve-year study offered by DHIU is divided into four levels: five-year secondary, two-year senior secondary, three-year Degree and two-year PG. The syllabus contains all relevant Islamic and modern subjects like the Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Methodologies of Tafsir, Tasawwuf, Nahw, Aqidah, Mantiq, Islamic history, Arabic literature, Rhetoric and prosody, translation and composition, history of Islamic civilization, Science and technology, Mathematics, social sciences, Computer and Information Technology, etc. Enough attention is paid to make the students well acquainted in four languages – Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam. DHIU curriculum makes it mandatory for every undergraduate student to pursue an official degree course in any of the Arts or Humanities subjects utilizing the prevailing Open University Systems run by many universities, including University of Calicut. DHIU PG level studies are devoted for specialization, allowing students to excel in areas of their interest in various Islamic fields. DHIU confers the honorific title of ‘Al-Hudawi’ on every student upon the successful completion of its twelve-year continuous stream of studies.


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Admission to Darul huda Secondary and Degree Levels (Admission to  Darul Huda Islamic University Secondary and Degree Levels)

Darul huda enrolls only bright and talented students below 11½ years who have completed/ are completing their five-year primary education provided at formal schools and local madaris. The admission is based only on merits and intellectual potentials of students that are evaluated through standard oral and written entrance tests. This is because, DHIU believes that only bright and superbly intelligent students will be capable to pursue the extensive curricula adopted by DHIU. The calls for applications are made in the Arabic month of Sha‘ban every year, while the entrance tests are held in the first week of Shawwal. DHIU offers a continuous stream of twelve-year studies, starting from Secondary until Post Graduation. Therefore, it does not allow fresh admissions to any levels.

Admission to Darul huda PG(Admission to Darul Huda Islamic University PG)

Students who have successfully completed their degree studies from DH university campus or any other Darul huda affiliated colleges are eligible for admission to the PG level. However, the enrolment to PG studies is based on written test and viva voce examination. To pursue their PG course, the selected students can choose any areas of specializations that are offered by various departments of the University.