Krishna university results

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[AdSense-C] Exam Results 

23~01~2 B.Pharmacy II Semester Results, September 2015   
23~01~2016 B.Pharmacy IV and VI Semester Revaluation Results   
21~01~2016 M.A (J.M.C) IV Semester Results      
21~01~2016 M.Tech I Semester (2014-15) Results
21~01~2016 B.Ed. (Special) Degree Examinations, October-2015 Results
01~01~2016 MBA,LL.B,B.A.LL.B Revaluation Results
23~12~2015 UG I Semester Results
15~12~2015 B.P.Ed(2014-15) Results September 2015
15~12~2015 M.Pharmacy(2014-15) II Semester Results
15~12~2015 M.Pharmacy(2013-14) III Semester Results
10~12~2015 B.Tech Supplementary Results, July 2015
09~12~2015 PG II Semester Revaluation Results
04~12~2015 B.Ed. Examinations, August, 2015 Results

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   01~12~2015 Pharma-D II,III,IV and V Year Results
08~10~2015 MCA II Semester(2014-15) Results
07~10~2015 MHRM and M.A. Social Work (II Semester) Examinations, April-2015 Results
01~10~2015 MBA II Semester Results(2014-15)
29~09~2015 UG I and II Year Advanced Supplementary Results
28~09~2015 B.Pharmacy IV and VI Semester Results
26~09~2015 PG IV Semester MHRM and M.A Social Work Results
22~09~2015 IV Semester PG Revaluation Results of Exams Held in April 2015
(M.Sc(Computer Science, Mathematics, Botany,Biochemistry),MBA,M.Pharmacy(MPAN,MPPC))
16~09~2015 B.Tech (Supplementary) Examinations, July-2015 Result
09~09~2015 I,II,III B.H.M Supplementary Results, June-July 2015
09~09~2015 M.Sc(Biotechnology 5 years Integrated) Supplementary Results
09~09~2015 M.Sc(Electronics and Instrumentation) II Semester Results, April 2015
02~09~2015 III UG Advanced Supplementary Revaluation Results
01~09~2015 LL.B and B.A.LL.B Revaluation Results
01~09~2015 B.Pharmacy III,V and VIII Semester Revaluation Results
18~08~2015 M.A. English & M.Sc. Computer Science (II Sem) Examinations, Apr-2015 – Results
17~08~2015 LLB (I Sem) and BALLB (I & V SEM) Examinations, February-2015 – Revaluation Results
17~08~2015 UG Advanced Supplementary (II year) Examinations, July-2015 result
10~08~2015 M.C.A VI Semester(2012-13) Results
08~07~2015 UG I Year Advanced Supplementary Results,2015
25~07~2015 UG Advanced Supplementary Results, 2015
23~07~2015 B.Tech IV Year II Semester Revaluation Results
22~07~2015 PG II Semester Results,April 2015   (M.Sc Organic Chemistry included)
20~07~2015 M.Sc(Biotechnology),M.Sc(Botany),M.Sc(Physics) II Semester Results
16~07~2015 PG I and III Semester Revaluation Results
10~07~2015 UGC Sponsored COP Examinations, April 2015 Results
10~07~2015 M.Pharmacy(2014-15) I Semester Results
04~07~2015 M.Sc. Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry (II Semester) Examinations, Apr-2015 Results
04~07~2015 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry (IV Sem) and M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (II and IV Sem) Results, Apr-2015